dsc_0135My goal for this blog is, above all, to give all glory, honor, and praise back to Jesus Christ.

I want to use my talents and abilities to help others and to bring all glory back to him. Without him, these words that I share with you are nothing. My words are empty, useless, and meaningless unless I have the spirit of God backing them up.

He is worthy of all the credit for this blog, not me.

My second Goal for this blog is to encourage others. Sometimes we get depressed, discouraged, and sometimes we just feel unloved. Sometimes we need just a little boost to get through the day, and I hope that this blog will provide that for all of you. I hope you feel blessed, encouraged, and uplifted when you read these posts. I hope that even if you don’t take anything else away from anything I post, that you will still understand that God loves you, and that he has a purpose for your life.

It’s easy to feel rejected, useless, purposeless, and dissatisfied,  but I pray that God will begin to help you recognize that those feelings and thoughts are sent directly from the enemy. The enemy wages war on your mind, heart, and body, but God can protect you, comfort you, and use you. That is the purpose for this blog. To recognize the lies and obstacles on the battleground and to over come them.

I hope as you read, you will be blessed, and truly take on your own role as a beautiful warrior princess!


AuthorAlyssa Satanek

In love with Jesus, words, nature, day dreaming, and my future husband.