You are NOT an object

Dear sweet BEAUTIFUL girl,

lets get one thing straight from the start: you are not an object. We live in a world where men only value women for their bodies. We live in a world where you feel as if you have to dress half naked for a boy to notice you. We live in a world where pre-marital sex is accepted and pushed by our society.

I know you face a huge amount of pressure by your friends, classmates, and boys to “go all the way.” I know you worry about being made fun of and not fitting in if you don’t conform to the world. You weren’t meant to be like them, you were meant to stand out.

I know that when the boy you’ve liked for so long FINALLY texts you and asks you for naked pictures, that you just want to please him and keep him interested. I know that you let him manipulate you just because you think you can’t do any better.

You are not just a body and good looks. You are a human being. A child of God. Filled with emotions, talents, great ideas, and love.

Don’t waste those things on a boy that devalues you.

You’ve been called ugly and worthless your whole life, so you started to believe it. Every boy that crossed your path only wanted your body, and it made you believe that that is all you’re good for.

you were told you would never amount to anything, so you believed it and accepted it.

well don’t.

I don’t care what your mother, father, siblings, aunts, uncles, friends, boyfriends have told you, YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN YOUR BODY.

why do you think that prositution is such a big issue? Women have such built up insecurity in themselves and they believe that sex is all they’re good for.

You are meant to be loved. Cared for. Sought after by the love of your life, the guy that only God can bring to you.

dont settle for sex. Don’t settle for immature boys that manipulate you and use you.

Next time he texts you and asks you for pictures, block him. When he asks to hang out and he tries to manipulate the situation to get you alone, walk away.

Do NOT let these boys have power over you any longer.

You are a princess of the Most High. You are meant to be loved and cherished.

It breaks my heart to see that we live in a generation that does not value one another. Loving one another is the biggest commandment in the Bible!

Our generation is filled with guys who only see women as sex objects and girls who feed into their lust and dress half naked because they feel that’s the only way they will be loved.

You are a wife. You are a Mom. You’re a business owner, a teacher, a missionary, a lawyer, a doctor… whatever you dream that is what you are!

Pursue your dreams, don’t let some low life immature boy steal your happiness and your purity.

If there is ANYTHING I hope to accomplish in my life, it is that I could help girls get through the struggle of insecurity. When you’re insecure, boys (and yes I keep saying boys, because real MEN would never devalue a woman, he will treat her with respect), will use that to their advantage and manipulate you into doing things you don’t want to do.

I’ve struggled with insecurity my whole life, and I do still struggle occasionally, but I know who I belong to, and I know my worth in Christ.

I hope that someday soon, I can see a major change in this generation. I want to see a man respect a woman’s boundaries. I want to see women dressing with modesty and disgression. I want to see good, loving people respecting one another.

When I have kids, I hope that I will always show them to love one another. I want my little girls to dress modestly and know their worth, and know that they are created for more than just their bodies, but to be tenderly loved. I want to teach my boys to respect women and how to be a great leader.

I want to see beautiful girls everywhere taking a stand against manipulation and sexual abuse.

you were NOT created to be an object of someone’s pleasure that they can let go of and bring back when they feel like it,

You were not meant to give up your hopes, dreams, and beliefs to give full reign over to a manipulative boy.

You were not meant to be devalued, abused, tortured, sold, heartbroken, abandoned, manipulated, or prostituted.

You are created to be exactly who God wants you to be. God says (and I say it too,) that you ARE beautiful. You ARE worthy. You ARE healed. You ARE talented. YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH.

I don’t care what anyone else has to say about you. I don’t care what you have to say about you, because it’s a lie. You are priceless.

Dont sell your body. Don’t advertise yourself on social media as if your some product waiting to be bought. Stand up and be the woman who will not be shaken. Who has Godly confidence. Who can conquer every mountain. Be the girl that’s only dependent on God.

Someday, there will be change, but we have to stand together. Share this with any beautiful girl you know that doesn’t understand her worth. Help change the mindsets of girls everywhere. Be an encourager. Be a helping hand. Be a friend to someone.


a passionate warrior ready to see a change in our generation

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