Dear Single Girl

Dear Single Girl,

Being Single is tough, I know. Among all of your friends, you’re the only one that doesn’t have a boyfriend. Even though you and your group of friends are still young, you’re the only one that isn’t married, doesn’t have kids, or isn’t in a serious committed relationship. It makes you feel middle aged and lonely. You feel like a 40 year old woman who has never experienced true love or a genuinely happy relationship. I get it, because I feel this way every single day of my life.

Some times you stare down at your phone just waiting for someone to text you or call you, but it never happens. You constantly check your Snapchat waiting for some cute guy to Snapchat you or you’re constantly watching your Facebook for some cute guy to pop up on your “people you may know” suggestions.

Everywhere you go you entertain the possibility that you could run into him. Trips to the grocery store, church, youth group, outreaches, you name it, you spend the whole experience dreaming you’ll bump into “Mr. Right.”

Every time you meet a boy, you somehow convince yourself in your head that he’s the one for you. You try to make up excuses for him to your family and only talk positive so everyone believes he’s the prince you’ve been waiting for.

Ive been doing this for years. Even though God told many years ago I needed to wait for the man of my dreams, I continued to go out for the last three years and try to make it happen on my own.

As girls, we like to be in control so we try to manufacture that perfect moment. We try to make every moment we meet a guy seem so special and “meant to be.”

In reality, we’re only making things worse on ourselves. By going out and trying to find the man of our dreams on own own, we’re only delaying the perfect divine god given meeting with our future husbands.

Ive been disobedient to God and impatient for years now when it comes to relationships, but after all this time I’ve finally realized that I have to give up my search because this isn’t something that I’m meant to find. God is working on my husband right now as we speak and he will not allow him to be revealed to me until his timing is right.


What God has is so much greater than anything I can try to manufacture on my own. Trust me, It’s hard. I know this first hand. Sometimes you just want someone to talk to so desperately you would be willing to have a conversation with anyone. It’s hard when your friends are going on dates or talking about their marriages or kids, and you long to know what that feels like. It’s hard when you want to go on a date and spend a nice evening with someone, but instead you’re home alone binge watching a series on Netflix.

It hurts to think that you might have to be single for years. Even though we hate to admit this, but sometimes it hurts us to see others happy. We look at others relationships and think “wow they don’t deserve that.” We start to envy and become distant from those who have what we want.

Its hard to be single and patient in today’s world, trust me I know that feeling. Things are so instantaneous today, that it’s so hard to hold onto your sanity and dignity while waiting for that Prince Charming. But I do know one thing, God knows far above what I know and he knows what’s best for me, and I know he has the very best for me.

i encourage you today, if you are struggling with feelings of loneliness, take your prayer life to the next level. Pray for you and your husband more intimately. Learn what it takes to be the best wife you can be. Practice and prepare In every way you can.

another great idea that I started doing lately is that I decided to make a list of things that I would need in my husband. Eventually I will share that list with all of you!

make a list of every quality you need in a man. Read it everyday and pray over it.

Every great love story I’ve heard lately has started out with a girl making a list of qualities she needed in a man and praying dilligently for those things and later on, God would give her everything she asked for and more.

next time you feel the bitter sting of loneliness creep up on you, make a list and pray over it. God knows everything you need and he will bless you with the greatest man possible if you just stay patient and have faith!


Be watching out for my list of qualities I want in my husband, hopefully it’ll inspire you!

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